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im dumb i didnt look at the time you posted that lol
two nights ago?
That lethal team we beat last night? That was their highest team.
New season so close I can smell it. If only the servers where as ready as I am. Sad face :(
Yeah i saw i did. I dont remember inviting him lol. It might be someones friend . I didnt mark . Ask that nigga who he be.
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Thank You

Bebbit a posted Sep 4, 13
I just wanted to thank you guys for putting the time in to make this site actually active. I had very low hopes when I created it, so it's nice to see that the site is actually getting some use.
I'm not sure if everyone in the guild even knows about it, so make sure to mention something while in GC. The site isn't mandatory, but it's a good place to keep in touch when not actually in game.
pyx a No, thank you for making the site sir bebbit.

Welcome to report this

Bebbit a posted Aug 21, 13
Yes, I got bored and created a website. I know no one will use it, and it will just sit here like the OTR one did. But I don't care, I do what I want.
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